Decision-Making Is Hard

Do you ever get so confused about something that you have no idea what to do? And it feels like you’re stuck in mud?

Some decisions can really fuck with our heads. There’s really nothing other that you can do than to get quiet and go inside. Go deep inside to your gut and look for your answers. There are many things that can help you on this adventure to discover what’s inside of you.

One of my favorite inner journey tools is actually YouTube. Weird, huh? There’s an entire community of mindful YouTubers that are just awesome. You can find audios of all kinds to help you: hypnosis, subliminal messages, guided meditations, binaural beats, isochronic tones, etc.

You can also do progressive body relaxation, which is breathing into individual parts of your body. It is excellent for shutting out the noise of the world and the noise in your head. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen YouTube videos that can guide you, but I’m not sure because I usually do it on my own.

There are plenty of other ways/things you can do, to enhance your experience, or to just help yourself along your path. Candles, warm baths, just plain taking good care of yourself. I think I could write a mile-long list of examples.

I’ll never forget when I was trying to decide if I should go ahead with a hysterectomy or not. I did, but I had to decide quickly. The confusion over this life-changing decision was intense. Intense.

And then after the surgery, as I came out of the anesthesia, the first words to burst forth from my brain were, “Wait! No! I didn’t mean it!” I didn’t say it out loud, as I wasn’t really with it yet, but it sure scared the crap out of me.

Did I just take the wrong fork in the road, which can never, ever, ever, be changed?

I did wonder, for quite some time afterward, if I’d made a mistake. A few years in, though, I realized what a blessing it was and that it was all good. Just like it happened. Whew.

Even little decisions can stop me in my tracks. I used to drive my family crazy, as a kid, every single time we went to a restaurant. Much worse was going to a cafeteria! 😉

I have gotten better, but it’s definitely still an issue I’m working on. Thank Mother Earth for all the tools at my disposal which with I can greatly enhance my life.

Have a groovylicious day!
Lisa Marie Mary

Good Morning And #SaturdaySmarts

Tech Learning Online Good morning, humans, cyborgs, definitely giant dogs and elephants, and, oh what the hay — ALL creatures and beings out there! 😉

I’ve been digging into all kinds of (free) elearning courses. The paid ones definitely look great, too — no dis on them at all, I’m just a little tapped at the moment. One day soon, though…

On my agenda today — brush up on my HTML and CSS skills, begin to learn Ruby. And possibly dip into an Excel course, too.

I’m hoping that learning Excel will be like going from learning Spanish to learning Italian — with its having loads of similarities to Google Sheets. I learned a lot in Sheets, working with the ever-awesome, Luria Petrucci.

We shall see…..wish me luck! 🙂

I will come back later and share some of my favorite resources with you. Actually, a post like this would be much better suited to my new namesake site, but it’s emptier than empty as of yet. I think when I get it more fleshed out, I’ll move this post and posts like it over to the new site. For now, though, here is where it shall land.

HEY YA’LL — What is on your agenda for this lovely Saturday?

Have a Super Groovylicious Day,

P.S. There are also a couple of WordPress courses that looked helpful, too. I believe I’m going to need to make a list! 😉

Organic Cotton Hippie T-Shirts

Soul-Flower’s Spring Line 2015 is out now and they have some fabulous new organic cotton hippie t-shirts for us in the line-up.

One of my favorite things from their shop is actually the men’s t-shirts. Ooh, and the organic cotton hippie t-shirts are so ridiculously soft. They feel so good and so comfy!

Organic Cotton Hippie T-shirt

Be Groovy Men’s Recycled T-Shirt

They have a ~*~groovy~*~ new shirt out that I am so diggin’! It is the Be Groovy Men’s Recycled T-Shirt. They’ve taken a far out saying from the Flower Power age (“Be Groovy Or Leave Man”) and have revived it on this gorgeous shirt! It’s 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled plastic — how cool is that? Personally, I think that’s awesome.

I really loved their “Follow Your Bliss” shirts and of course I love my Grateful Dead shirt I got from them eons ago, but I don’t know, this might be my favorite ever of their shirts. Oh, but wait, the baby “Hug Me” (Treehugger) onesie I got my niece was so very cute. Okay, okay, I can’t decide, but this one really does ROCK!! 😉

The design on this shirt is hand-drawn and printed in-house. It’s a Soul Flower Original and it’s made in the USA with low-impact dyes.
Banjo Bear Recycled Shirt

Banjo Bear Recycled T-Shirt

The next new shirt I love is this super groovy Banjo Bear Organic Cotton T-Shirt that features a happy bear strumming a banjo and smoking a pipe and it says, “Listen To The Music Play.” Like the first one, this one is also 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled plastic.

When I look at that cute, friendly, musical bear, it makes me feel like I’m out in the country on the front porch of a log cabin, hanging with family and friends and having a lazy, wonderful time!

I’m actually picturing a scene from some movie, where the people are out in the country at a house in the woods. I wish I could figure out which movie is popping into my head every time I look at that bear! My brain cells need to do some pushups or something, they’re getting weak! 😉

There are many reasons why I love Soul Flower, but one of the big things I love about Soul Flower is their diehard dedication to being environmentally-friendly.

Here is a direct quote from their About Page:

Whether it’s organic cotton, recycled fibers, low-impact dyes, made in the USA or fair trade, we will always value only carrying products that we can be proud of supporting.

I really could go on and on and will probably do a blog series on it one day soon, but Soul Flower is just a very cool company. The owners, Mike and Peggy, have always been so nice and helpful to me and I just love their earth and people-friendly business practices.

I don’t recall exactly how or when I stumbled upon them, but I’m always so grateful that I did. I do know that I’ve been an affiliate for them since about 2007. This post, in fact, contains some of my affiliate links. But if I didn’t love them so much, I wouldn’t go on and on about them like I have all these years.

Tree of Life Organic Hippie T-shirt

Tree Of Life Organic Cotton Hippie T-Shirt

The next shirt up contains a motif that is a favorite of mine: The Tree of Life. Trees of Life originated in many of the different religions of the world and can also be found in many different mythologies and philosophies. Perhaps I need to do a Tree of Life post, as well – there is a lot of interesting information about them!

This shirt is the Tree Of Life Men’s Organic Cotton T-Shirt and it is a Soul Flower original made in the USA with organic cotton, using low-impact dyes. It’s bright blue and it’s printed on a soft men’s crew t-shirt. And I completely love it. 😉

Ya’ll should really start shopping there, because they’re an awesome company and really cool people. But don’t take my word for it, get on over there —> Soul Flower – Cool Threads For Kind Heads

…and find out for yourself! 😉

Have a super groovylicious day!
Lisa Marie Mary

What The Hell, Man?!

Geoffrey Peterson
Yes, in the immortal words of our Most High, Geoffrey Peterson, beloved, robot skeleton.

What the hell, man?!

For any of my readers whose lives are devoid of these two hilarious dudes, Geoff is Mr. Craig Ferguson’s trusty sidekick on The Late, Late Show.

(Was his sidekick? 🙁 The Late, Late Show ended and now Craig is doing a funny game show instead.)

Craig and I are kind of long, lost twins, born oceans apart. Craig hails from my largest chunk of heritage, Scotland. My uncle went over there a couple years ago and was very warmly welcomed at the Burnett family castle. They treated him so graciously and were so happy that he was there. And yet, in reality, he was a perfect stranger. Super groovy experience for him to have and for me to read about.

Ah yes, but, back to…

…Craig and I. Although he’s eight years older, Craig was born on May 17 and I was born on May 22. Craig got sober on February 18, 1992, and I got sober on January 30, 1992. See? Twins! 😉

Back to the topic at hand, my, “What the hell, man?!” of the day is:

Ouchy nose

My poor, red, swollen, ouchy, and even extremely itchy, nose. Ooh-whee, I look tired! I was up until 3:30 this morning. Unrelated to my sore nose, I actually just had too much coffee. I’ve gotten down to only drinking 1 or 1 1/2 cups a day over the last several months. I’m working on switching all my coffee to green tea and I’m almost there.

But, as I often do, I had some expectations that were too high. I have just gotten back on my two antibiotics on Thursday, after being off of them for two weeks. I was frustrated that I wasn’t feeling as much motivation to “do my life,” as I’d hoped I’d feel right away, once getting back on them.

Because we all know antidepressants work immediately, right? No, you idiot, you know full well they can take 2-3 weeks to fully benefit you. Hell, you’ve been on them for 29 damn years – you know all about that!

Okay, okay. Geez, Subconcious, no need to be a jerk about it. So, anyway, I decided a few extra cups of coffee would help. Yowza!

Being off both massive doses of caffeine and massive doses of Tegretol, made me putty in yesterday’s coffee’s hands. And it just wouldn’t let me sleep.

And then I woke up really early, as my nose was itching and throbbing. The miserable condition of my nose began yesterday morning and has been escalating since. I have hard, itchy, painful blisters all around the outside right side of my nose and in my right nostril. Joy. I just woke up with them Saturday.

I have three theories. The first one is bad. You will notice I have a cold sore on my lip. It’s fine, not a big deal, and at the end stages of its little life. Or so I thought Friday night when moisturizing my face before bed. (Hubby makes this KILLER healing salve, will blog about it soon.)

When I was moisturizing, I didn’t act carefully to keep my lips germs separate from everything else, as I normally do when I have a cold sore — because I really thought it was past the contagious stage. So that means, I could actually have a “herpes nose” now. Gross! And oh gee, great. That means it will continually happen. Joy.

My second theory is worse. Mark and I have both had MRSA (a superbug of a staph infection that is resistant to ordinary antibiotics) and this feels eerily similar. That would mean pain, actually much pain, fever, and worst of all, very expensive antibiotics. Do not like this theory any better.

My third theory is most certainly creepy, but would actually be the best prognosis. The blisters remind me very much of spider bites. Look like blisters, but are hard and painful. So, that would mean a sweet, little spider family had a get-together overnight on my face, and all decided to bite me right in the same area. Yes, very creepy, but would mean no highly-increased pain, no fever, no doctor’s office visits, and best of all, no expensive solution. So let’s all just be a little creeped out, or a lot creeped out, and let this be the real answer. Mmmkay?

I’ve been putting a booboo sponge on it all day and that definitely helps. And I’ve been taking advil and benadryl. I’ll see how it is in the morning and reevaluate. I welcome all healing thoughts sent my way. Thanks in advance. 🙂

Good gravy, when it rains, it pours.

Have a groovy day!
Lisa Marie Mary

P.S. I took the pics in two different rooms, as I wasn’t sure which light was better. My vote now is neither. Heh. But with my hair a little longer now, I think I really look like my brother, David. My hubby and sister both said shaving my head made me look like him more than ever!

P.P.S. Did you notice how Geoffrey is so thoughtfully and sympathetically wearing a red nose for me? He’s so nice.