Decision-Making Is Hard

Do you ever get so confused about something that you have no idea what to do? And it feels like you’re stuck in mud?

Some decisions can really fuck with our heads. There’s really nothing other that you can do than to get quiet and go inside. Go deep inside to your gut and look for your answers. There are many things that can help you on this adventure to discover what’s inside of you.

One of my favorite inner journey tools is actually YouTube. Weird, huh? There’s an entire community of mindful YouTubers that are just awesome. You can find audios of all kinds to help you: hypnosis, subliminal messages, guided meditations, binaural beats, isochronic tones, etc.

You can also do progressive body relaxation, which is breathing into individual parts of your body. It is excellent for shutting out the noise of the world and the noise in your head. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen YouTube videos that can guide you, but I’m not sure because I usually do it on my own.

There are plenty of other ways/things you can do, to enhance your experience, or to just help yourself along your path. Candles, warm baths, just plain taking good care of yourself. I think I could write a mile-long list of examples.

I’ll never forget when I was trying to decide if I should go ahead with a hysterectomy or not. I did, but I had to decide quickly. The confusion over this life-changing decision was intense. Intense.

And then after the surgery, as I came out of the anesthesia, the first words to burst forth from my brain were, “Wait! No! I didn’t mean it!” I didn’t say it out loud, as I wasn’t really with it yet, but it sure scared the crap out of me.

Did I just take the wrong fork in the road, which can never, ever, ever, be changed?

I did wonder, for quite some time afterward, if I’d made a mistake. A few years in, though, I realized what a blessing it was and that it was all good. Just like it happened. Whew.

Even little decisions can stop me in my tracks. I used to drive my family crazy, as a kid, every single time we went to a restaurant. Much worse was going to a cafeteria! 😉

I have gotten better, but it’s definitely still an issue I’m working on. Thank Mother Earth for all the tools at my disposal which with I can greatly enhance my life.

Have a groovylicious day!
Lisa Marie Mary

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