Good Morning And #SaturdaySmarts

Tech Learning Online Good morning, humans, cyborgs, definitely giant dogs and elephants, and, oh what the hay — ALL creatures and beings out there! 😉

I’ve been digging into all kinds of (free) elearning courses. The paid ones definitely look great, too — no dis on them at all, I’m just a little tapped at the moment. One day soon, though…

On my agenda today — brush up on my HTML and CSS skills, begin to learn Ruby. And possibly dip into an Excel course, too.

I’m hoping that learning Excel will be like going from learning Spanish to learning Italian — with its having loads of similarities to Google Sheets. I learned a lot in Sheets, working with the ever-awesome, Luria Petrucci.

We shall see…..wish me luck! 🙂

I will come back later and share some of my favorite resources with you. Actually, a post like this would be much better suited to my new namesake site, but it’s emptier than empty as of yet. I think when I get it more fleshed out, I’ll move this post and posts like it over to the new site. For now, though, here is where it shall land.

HEY YA’LL — What is on your agenda for this lovely Saturday?

Have a Super Groovylicious Day,

P.S. There are also a couple of WordPress courses that looked helpful, too. I believe I’m going to need to make a list! 😉

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