Organic Cotton Hippie T-Shirts

Soul-Flower’s Spring Line 2015 is out now and they have some fabulous new organic cotton hippie t-shirts for us in the line-up.

One of my favorite things from their shop is actually the men’s t-shirts. Ooh, and the organic cotton hippie t-shirts are so ridiculously soft. They feel so good and so comfy!

Organic Cotton Hippie T-shirt

Be Groovy Men’s Recycled T-Shirt

They have a ~*~groovy~*~ new shirt out that I am so diggin’! It is the Be Groovy Men’s Recycled T-Shirt. They’ve taken a far out saying from the Flower Power age (“Be Groovy Or Leave Man”) and have revived it on this gorgeous shirt! It’s 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled plastic — how cool is that? Personally, I think that’s awesome.

I really loved their “Follow Your Bliss” shirts and of course I love my Grateful Dead shirt I got from them eons ago, but I don’t know, this might be my favorite ever of their shirts. Oh, but wait, the baby “Hug Me” (Treehugger) onesie I got my niece was so very cute. Okay, okay, I can’t decide, but this one really does ROCK!! 😉

The design on this shirt is hand-drawn and printed in-house. It’s a Soul Flower Original and it’s made in the USA with low-impact dyes.
Banjo Bear Recycled Shirt

Banjo Bear Recycled T-Shirt

The next new shirt I love is this super groovy Banjo Bear Organic Cotton T-Shirt that features a happy bear strumming a banjo and smoking a pipe and it says, “Listen To The Music Play.” Like the first one, this one is also 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled plastic.

When I look at that cute, friendly, musical bear, it makes me feel like I’m out in the country on the front porch of a log cabin, hanging with family and friends and having a lazy, wonderful time!

I’m actually picturing a scene from some movie, where the people are out in the country at a house in the woods. I wish I could figure out which movie is popping into my head every time I look at that bear! My brain cells need to do some pushups or something, they’re getting weak! 😉

There are many reasons why I love Soul Flower, but one of the big things I love about Soul Flower is their diehard dedication to being environmentally-friendly.

Here is a direct quote from their About Page:

Whether it’s organic cotton, recycled fibers, low-impact dyes, made in the USA or fair trade, we will always value only carrying products that we can be proud of supporting.

I really could go on and on and will probably do a blog series on it one day soon, but Soul Flower is just a very cool company. The owners, Mike and Peggy, have always been so nice and helpful to me and I just love their earth and people-friendly business practices.

I don’t recall exactly how or when I stumbled upon them, but I’m always so grateful that I did. I do know that I’ve been an affiliate for them since about 2007. This post, in fact, contains some of my affiliate links. But if I didn’t love them so much, I wouldn’t go on and on about them like I have all these years.

Tree of Life Organic Hippie T-shirt

Tree Of Life Organic Cotton Hippie T-Shirt

The next shirt up contains a motif that is a favorite of mine: The Tree of Life. Trees of Life originated in many of the different religions of the world and can also be found in many different mythologies and philosophies. Perhaps I need to do a Tree of Life post, as well – there is a lot of interesting information about them!

This shirt is the Tree Of Life Men’s Organic Cotton T-Shirt and it is a Soul Flower original made in the USA with organic cotton, using low-impact dyes. It’s bright blue and it’s printed on a soft men’s crew t-shirt. And I completely love it. 😉

Ya’ll should really start shopping there, because they’re an awesome company and really cool people. But don’t take my word for it, get on over there —> Soul Flower – Cool Threads For Kind Heads

…and find out for yourself! 😉

Have a super groovylicious day!
Lisa Marie Mary

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