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What The Hell, Man?!

Geoffrey Peterson
Yes, in the immortal words of our Most High, Geoffrey Peterson, beloved, robot skeleton.

What the hell, man?!

For any of my readers whose lives are devoid of these two hilarious dudes, Geoff is Mr. Craig Ferguson’s trusty sidekick on The Late, Late Show.

(Was his sidekick? 🙁 The Late, Late Show ended and now Craig is doing a funny game show instead.)
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George Clooney, Emotions, And Headaches

Just stayed up waaaaaaaaay past my bedtime to watch George Clooney in Descendants, I think it was called. Deliciously emotional.

Powerfully emotional movies leave me, oftentimes, having to remind myself that the characters’ pain is not my pain. Strange and kind of discombobulating.

I think past hurts/situations/dramas/traumas just get kind of dredged up from within. They pop up to the surface, often without clarity, and intermingle with the characters’ emotions.

A big soupy mix of my past emotions, the characters’ emotions, and my current bystander, secondhand emotions watching their scenes play out.

Weird. Like how smells can transport you to some other time, place, atmosphere…
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