Grief Is A Bitch

griefGrief sucks.

It really, really sucks.

It just keeps on hurting and hurting and hurting…

You feel like you’re getting better and you’re getting a handle on things…

And then WHAMMO!!! It hits you again like a Mack truck! Runs you down like a damn freight train.

I know I have to feel it to be done feeling it, but dammit, I’m sick and tired of feeling it. Oh. My. God. I feel so worn out. So worn out. It’s exhausting, really exhausting. I wish I could fast forward through it. But apparently, that’s not a thing.’

So, I’m feeling it. Oh, am I feeling it. It kinda feels like a never-ending marathon. Yeah, it’s a Grief Marathon. I’ll be endlessly grateful when I see that finish line looming up ahead. But I’m just not there yet. And I have to say, that sucks.

I do have hope, though. And hope is an essential ingredient to life. So I’m grateful for that. And I know (somewhere deep inside myself) that I can get through this.

But right now? Right now it’s excruciating.

I am actively working to improve my spiritual, mental, emotional condition. So I will be fine. I am fine. It’s all good. Except that it hurts and I’m ready for that part to be done.

Have a groovylicious day,
Lisa Marie Mary

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